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Till Death do us Part

Valentines Menu

A menu filled with the potential to kill

Nettle and ricotta gnocchi with wild pesto
the downy hairs on the nettle have a venomous sting in their sharp, hollow spines. The poison, however, disappears in cooking

Octopus, hoisin pork belly, pickled rhubarb
an-nakji is a dish of 'live' octopus tentacles, allegedly, the suction cups can get stuck in your throat- don't worry our is definitely cooked. And we all know rhubarb can be poisonous - well the green parts anyway

Duck breast, cherries, celeriac and fondant potatoes
our delicious duck is infused with juniper, the extract of which can be fatal and watch out for cherry seeds - they contain cyanide

Cheese board to share, medlar jelly, crackers

'Tor' goat's cheese - ash covered semi -soft goat cheese made from unpasteurized milk
Oxford Isis - a soft cheese with a honey mead washed rind

Clawson Stilton - award winning cheese made using a blue mold called penicillium - but the safe kind

Cornish Yarg - a nettle (yes, those stingy, venomous things again)wrapped semi hard cheese


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